Rules for City and Journey Steps


The following rules apply during the City and Journey steps.

Stamina Loss, Damage, and Conditions

Stamina lost, damage taken, and conditions gained during the City and Journey steps carry over into the Scenario step. Conditions have no effect during the City and Journey steps.


Zuva'Sai loses 1 stamina, takes 2 damage and gains the Cursed condition during a particulary unlucky City Step.

The will have no effect during the City and Journey steps. He discards a Star Lotus token to heal 2 damage. He will start the scenario with one spent stamina and .

Using Discard Items

An item that is discarded when used may be used to restore spent stamina, heal damage, and remove conditions during the City and Journey steps. Any requirement to spend a maneuver when using one of these items is ignored. For items that have a ranged effect, any one Hero may be assumed to be within that range. For items that have an area effect, any number of Heroes may be included in that area.

Group Ability Checks

Group ability checks require several Heroes (usual all Heroes) to roll an active ability check. You may collectively decide on the order each Hero makes their check. If you cannot decide, perform the checks in order of Taunt value, highest to lowest.

Before each Hero performs their active ability check, they must decide which optional effect(s) they are using during the check (such as discarding an item).

All Heroes roll their active ability check before each decides whether to spend an Achievement gem. Note that as group ability checks are only used outside of a scenario, they all show +2 , so deciding whether to spend stamina is not necessary.

The number of successes achieved by each Hero are added together before being compared to a specified number.



It the total number of successes is 8 or more (2 Heroes), 13 or more (3 Heroes), or 17 or more (4 Heroes) >> 361

Otherwise 076

In a game with 2 Heroes, Torrax and Venia must attempt a group agility check that requires 8 to succeed.

They decide that Torrax will roll first and he rolls : 2 .

Venia then rolls , , , giving her 4 , as the counts as 2 .

Together they have 6 , not enough. However they may each decide to spend an Achievement gem . They both decided they will, bringing their total to 8 .

The check has succeeded and they turn to 361.

Allocating Items and Star

Each item and coin your Heroes own must be allocated to a Hero during the City and Journey steps.

Your Hero may exchange items and coins with other Heroes at any time during these steps. Your Hero may discard items at any time during these steps, placing the discarded items in the Stock.

Ignore encumbrance limits during the City and Journey steps.


Item cards with [Quest] on them may not be discarded.