Connecting Story cards


Some Story cards show an extension to the Scenario map when they are flipped and have a “Connects to” banner along one edge that shows where they connect to the Scenario map. Sometimes a Connecting Story card will connect to another Connecting Story card instead of the Scenario map.

Once you place the Connecting Story card, for all purposes, treat the banner as if it were a single white line separating the area the card connects to (indicated on the banner) and the area adjacent to the banner on the Connecting Story card.


This banner shows that this connecting Story Card will connect to the area containing L. As the banner is now treated as a single white line, an Ally or an Enemy may move from the area containing L to the adjacent area to the banner on the connecting Story card and vice versa. They may also perform a ranged or magic attack, or other ranged effect from one to the other, or through them from other areas, etc.