Common Item Card Effects



You must discard the item to use it.

The range the effect may be used at.

You must discard the item to use it.

For effects that affect Allies, apply the effect to all Allies within range of the Hero using the item.

For effects that affect Enemies (such as attacks), apply the effect to all Enemies within range of a chosen area. If no range is given, the chosen area is the one containing your Hero.

Roll the extra number of shown.

Roll the extra number of shown.

Increase your encumbrance limit by the amount shown.

Restore the amount of spent stamina shown.

Heal the amount of damage shown.

Restore spent stamina and Heal damage in any combination up to the total amount shown.

Increase the relevant ability level by 2 until the end of this round. If used during the City or Journey step, increase the relevant ability level by 2 for one active or reactive ability check.

The symbol side of an Action or Reaction die surrounded in a dark box signifies you may use each die showing that symbol for a special effect. If you do, you may not use the die for any other purpose, such as spending up to 2 stamina to gain successes.


Illegal - The item is illegal (see Illegal Items on Selling Items).

Lock picking / Light / Herbalism - These phrases may allow you to choose a special option or give you a bonus an an ability check.

Remove Wounded - Remove wounded status from a Hero (see Removing Wounded Status on Becoming Wounded).

Remove Exhausted - Remove exhausted status from a Hero (see Removing Exhausted Status on Becoming Exhausted).

Jump 2 - Jump the amount shown (see Jump on Game Effects (A-O)).

Evade 2 - Gain the amount of Evade shown this turn (see Evade on Game Effects (A-O)).

Defeat (Aox) (Non-Elite) - An effect may show one or more qualifiers in brackets according to the type of Enemy it can affect. For example: “(Aox)” means it only affects Aox Enemies, and “(Non-Elite)" means it does not affect Elite Enemies.

Once / Twice per scenario - The effect may be used the stated number of times during each scenario. Each time you use the effect, place a Cross marker on the Item card to remind you. Remove the Cross marker at the end of the scenario.