Ally Attacks: Magic


Before your Magic attack

Before performing a magic attack with your Hero:

» You must decide which Enemy you are attacking.

» If you have more than one active magic attack weapon, you must decide which one you are using to attack with.

» You must decide which optional effect(s) you are using (such as discarding an Item token or using a once per scenario effect).


Unlike with melee and ranged attacks, your Hero does not require a weapon to perform a magic attack. However, they may still use an appropriate weapon if they like.

Your Ally may perform a magic attack if the following 3 requirements are met:

» Your chosen action shows the magic attack symbol .

» There is an Enemy within the range shown on that action. Magic attacks only show a maximum range. The minimum range of a magic attack is always 0.

» That enemy is in line of sight


The magic attack Action token shows the number of Action dice you should roll in a red box.

To calculate the damage caused by your Hero’s magic attack, add together:

» The number of successes you roll.

» Any weapon modifiers you may have, shown in the effect box of your active magic attack weapon (if any).

» Any other modifiers you may have.

» Reduced the damage by 1 if your Hero’s aim is obstructed.

Magic attacks of Non-Hero Allies show a fixed amount of damage on the attack on their Ally card. This damage is reduced by 1 if their aim is obstructed.

If a magic attack does not show any damage, it does not cause any damage, but will have another effect as shown on the attack.