The Agemonia Companion App


The Agemonia Companion App helps you keep track of many aspects of your campaign as well as containing voice overs and background sounds, immersing you even deeper in the world of Agemonia.

Use of the Companion App is optional; you do not need it in order to be able to play, and you may use it for some parts of its functionality, but not others.

The Companion App provides:

» An introduction and audiobook for each Hero

» An interactive map of Runedale detailing all locations and scenarios in the city

» An interactive map of the world of Agemonia detailing all scenarios and special locations outside of Runedale

» Tracking of your party level and available scenarios

» Tracking of your reputation with the 10 factions of Agemonia

» Tracking of keywords in your Party Journal

» Individual tracking for multiple Agemonia campaigns

And for each scenario:

» Voice acted journeys, introductions, and outcomes

» Atmospheric soundscapes

» Tracking of Enemy Health and Conditions

» Recording of scenario outcomes and achievements attained

You can find the app at