Active Ability Checks


An Ally may attempt as many different active ability checks as they wish during their turn, but may only perform a particular active ability check once per turn unless instructed otherwise.

An Ally may perform an active ability check during an action or maneuver, and then continue with that action or maneuver afterwards.


Non-Hero Allies may not interacti with optional sections on Story cards, and so may not perform any active ability checks in those sections.

Progressive Ability Checks

A progressive ability check is an active ability check that allows your Heroes to build up successes over a number of attempts. Use one or more black Counter dice placed on the Story card or other appropriate place to record the number of successes achieved so far.

A progressive ability check succeeds once the specified number of successes have been achieved. They otherwise follow the same rules as active ability checks.

Often, the number of successes required for a progressive ability check will depend on the number of Heroes you are playing with. These show a simple equation using the Hero Count symbol .

A progressive check on a Story card that has 2 or more corresponding Story Points may be increased by performing the check within the given range of any of those Story Points.


Tony is playing the Hero Torrax, while his 3 friends are playing 3 other Heroes. He is attempting a might progressive ability check that requires 12 (2x4+4) successes when playing with 4 Heroes. Torrax has a might of 3 and Tony rolls , and . Even if Tony spends 2 stamina he cannot immediately succeed at the check. He decides to spend 1 stamina and places a counter die set to 4 on the Story card. 8 more successes are required to success at the check. Any of the other Heroes may attempt the check this round, and Torrax may have another attempt next round.