Game Effects (A - O)


Drain X

When an Enemy is drained, it takes the amount of damage shown (the X value) and the Ally who drained it is healed for the same amount. If the amount of damage required to defeat an Enemy was less that the amount of damage dealt to it, only heal damage equal to this lower amount.


An Enemy is defeated when its health is reduced to 0.

Some effects may also cause an Enemy to be defeated.

When an Enemy is defeated, remove its figure from the scenario map. If it has a defeat effect shown in the Ability Reminder / Defeat Box on its Enemy card, resolve that effect.


Each point of Evade an Ally has prevents 1 damage from 1 Enemy’s provoke each turn.


Some effects allow an Ally to jump from one area on the Scenario map to another area on the Scenario map.

To jump:

» You must have line of sight to the area you jump into and it must be within the range shown on the jump effect you are using.

» Your Hero is not considered to have entered any of the areas in between.

» You may jump over single and double white lines, but not through solid barriers.

» You are still subject to any Enemy Provoke abilities from the area you leave.

» You may not jump into an area that is at maximum capacity.

» You may not jump into a higher area than the area you leave unless you also have the Fly effect.

» If you jump into a lower area than the area you leave, you are considered to have fallen into that area unless you also have the Fly effect. See Falling on Moving Between Areas of Different Height.

» Effects (such as conditions) that prevent or reduce movement also prevent or reduce a jump.

Locking Stamina

Some Hero actions and Item cards require you to lock stamina to use their effects. To lock an amount of stamina, remove an equal amount of Stamina chips from your Vitality disk and place them:

» To the left of the Action token (underneath your Action Selection marker), or
» On the Item card.

If you do not have enough Stamina chips remaining on your Vitality disk, you may not perform the action / use the item.

The action or item remains in effect while the stamina remains locked on it. You may voluntarily end one of these effects at any time.

If you do, place the locked Stamina chips above your Hero board.

Locked Stamina chips count as being spent. As such, if you take damage and

» There are no Stamina chips remaining on your Vitality disk,

» You have no spent Stamina chips above your Hero board, and

» There is damage remaining,

You must remove as many locked Stamina chips as there is damage remaining, if possible, and flip them to their wound side, placing them to the right of your Hero board. You may choose the order in which to remove locked Stamina chips.

Then, if you have fewer locked Stamina chips to the left of an Action token or on an Item card than it requires, place any of its remaining locked Stamina chips above your Hero board, stamina side up. The passive action ends / You are no longer using that item.


An Ally or Enemy with Mirror takes no damage or stamina loss from an attack. Instead, the attacking Enemy or Ally suffers the attack's damage (or the attack's stamina loss as an equal amount of damage). Allies do not roll a reactive check to reduce the damage or stamina loss and an Enemy's shield value does not reduce the damage.

For attacks that apply a Condition as well as damage or stamina loss, neither Ally nor Enemy gain that Condition.

Mirror has no effect on attacks that apply a Condition but do not cause damage or stamina loss.

Overkill Damage

When you defeat an Enemy, the overkill damage is the difference between the damage the attack did and the health that the Enemy had before that attack. If you did not defeat the Enemy, there is no overkill damage.