Ally Attacks: Melee


Before your Melee attack

Before performing a melee attack with your Hero:

» You must decide which Enemy you are attacking.

» If you have more than one active melee attack weapon, you must decide which one you are using to attack with.

» You must decide which optional effect(s) you are using (such as using a rune, poison, or once per scenario effect).


Your Hero may perform a melee attack if the following 3 requirements are met:

» Your chosen action shows the melee attack symbol .

» You have an active melee attack weapon; an Item card placed in your active Item cards area that shows the melee attack symbol in its effect box.

» There is an Enemy in the same area as your Hero, or in an adjacent area to your Hero that is at maximum capacity. Melee attacks may not be performed across a solid barrier or into an adjacent area of a different height.

The same requirements apply to a Non-Hero Ally, except that they do not require a weapon (Non-Hero Allies may not use items).

Exception: Some melee weapon and Ally effects allow you to perform a melee attack at range. In this case, the Enemy must be within the range shown. These melee attacks may still not be performed across a solid barrier or into an area of a different height.


The melee attack Action token shows the number of Action dice your Hero should roll in a red box.

To calculate the damage caused by your Hero’s melee attack, add together:

» The number of successes you roll.

» Any weapon modifiers you may have, shown in the effect box of your active melee attack weapon.

» Any other modifiers you may have.

Melee attacks of Non-Hero Allies show a fixed amount of damage on the attack on their Ally card.

If a melee attack does not show any damage, it does not cause any damage, but will have another effect as shown on the attack.

Example: Torrax is using his Colossal Crush melee attack on his turn. He may either attack the skitterer in the same area (#1) or the skitterer in the adjacent area that is at maximum capacity (#2). The third skitterer (#3) is in an adjacent area that is not at maximum capacity, so Torrax may not attack it unless he is using a melee weapon that allows him to attack at range.