Recording and Storing Your Campaign


To keep a record of your campaign, use a Party sheet and one Hero sheet for each Hero. If you are using the Companion App, you may use that instead of your Party sheet.

The Party sheet has space for:

» The name of your party (optional)

» A record of the outcomes of the scenarios you have played and the level you have achieved

» A Party Journal for recording keywords

Each Hero sheet has space for:

» The player's name

» The Hero's name

» The Hero's Class (chosen when they reach level 2)

» The Hero's profession (optional after they reach level 2)

» A Hero Journal for recording keywords

» Other notes you wish to make

As you are playing you record:

» Keywords added to your Party and Hero Journals

» Professions and Talents learned (from Level 2 onwards)

» Artifact card progress (from Level 3 onwards)

At the end of each scenario you record:

» The outcome of the scenario. For example, if the outcome was “Outcome: Scenario Success 2”, write “S2”. If the scenario is an Arena scenario, write your best score in the space provided.

If you are using the Companion App you may also record:

» Any group or individual achievements attained during the scenario

In addition, if you have now gained enough experience points to gain a level (see Experience Points and Gaining a Level), record your new level on your Party sheet by ticking the tickbox to the left of that level.

At the end of each games session you store:

» Your Hero in your Hero board (Action tokens, items, Stars, Profession card, Artifact cards, and any Story cards you have been told to keep)

» Items in the Store

» Items in the Archive

Hero trays:

The diagram below shows you how to store your Hero between play sessions.

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