Becoming Exhausted


If your Hero is wounded, all of your Stamina chips are wound side up, and there is still damage remaining, your Hero becomes


» Lay their miniature down in the area they are in.

» Place your Action selection marker above your Hero board.

While your Hero is exhausted:

» They no longer take up any capacity in the area their miniature is in.

» They will be ignored by all Enemies.

» They may not be affected by any effect except for one that removes exhausted status.

» You do not select an action for your Hero and your Hero does not take a turn.

» Other Heroes may pick up any items your Hero is carrying as if they had been dropped in the area your Hero miniature is in.

If a Non-Hero Ally is reduced to 0 health, they are exhausted and removed from the Scenario map.

Removing Exhausted Status

Some effects may remove exhausted status from your Hero:

» Place your Hero miniature upright in the area they are in.

» Flip your Vitality disk to its unwounded (blue) side.

» Stack all of your Stamina chips on top of your Vitality disk, stamina (blue) side up.

From the following round onwards you will be able to select an action for your Hero and take turns as normal.

Exhausted status is also removed from your Hero at the end of a scenario.