The End of a Scenario


Each scenario has a different scenario end condition. When the condition is met, read the appropriate outcome and conclusion. You may take any items and Star on the scenario map at the end of the scenario.


Check through the Achievements section at the end of the scenario to see if you completed any of the achievements shown.

Each Hero that completed an individual achievement gains an Achievement gem. Completing a group achievement gains every Hero an Achievement gem .

Note: Arena scenarios do not have achievements.

Clean Up

» If you have now completed all of the scenarios of your current level that show an experience symbol , you will gain a level at the start of the next City step (see Exp & Levels General).

» If the scenario was an arena scenario, keep the Scenario card; you may replay this scenario. Otherwise, remove the Scenario card from the game unless otherwise instructed.

» Return all Story cards to the Story deck.

» Discard any tokens (except for Item tokens) you gained during the scenario, including tokens that are treated as items during the scenario (such as Runic Plates).

Recovering After a Scenario

At the end of each scenario, remove wounded and exhausted status and any conditions from your Hero if they have them. Your Hero is restored and healed to full stamina. They keep any Injury cards they may have.

If you have a Henchman, read the relevant entry in the Story Book shown in the Hire Henchman service, depending on whether the Henchman was exhausted or not. If the Henchman was exhausted, they are removed from play and may not be hired again. If the Henchman was not exhausted, they may gain experience.