Refined Bonesmoke: Spend a stamina to gain an Achievement gem. You may may not gain another Achievement gem from smoking bonesmoke (refined or otherwise) during this City step.

Gather Toxins: Spend a to gain a Bile token or a Snakeroot token.

Refined Poisons: Discard a Snakeroot token to gain Item card 065 “Snakeroot Sap” or discard a Bile token to gain Item card 066 “Benaethid Bane”.

Nazag Talents

You must have Item card 071 “Nazag” to use these talents.

Nazag Venom: Once per City step, spend a to gain Item card 067 “Nazag Venom”.

Train Nazag: Spend 2 stamina to flip Item card 071 “Naz ag” to its trained side until the start of the next City step.

Master Talent

Void Extract: Discard a Death Essenc e token to gain Item card 068 “Void Extract”.