Move Maneuvers


Move Maneuvers

A move maneuver allows you to move your Ally by spending the movement points indicated. Each movement point spent allows you to move your Ally across a single white line into an adjacent area on the Scenario map.

Heroes have two different move maneuvers shown on the right of their Hero board: the first does not require you to spend any stamina, the second does. The second move maneuver shows the amount of stamina which must be spent to the left of the movement points.

Note: If you decide to perform a move maneuver, you must choose which of the two to perform, and spend any stamina required, before you start spending your movement points.

Non-Hero Allies have one move maneuver shown on the right of their Ally card.

Maximum Capacity

An Ally may only move into an area already at maximum capacity if:

» There are no Enemies in that area, and

» They move out of that area during the same turn.

If, for any reason, an Ally ends their turn in an area that is above its maximum capacity, move that Ally back to the previous area they were in that was not above maximum capacity.

Example: Zuva'sai may not move into the area where Torrax, Lunara and Venia are and end his turn there, because it is at maximum capacity. However, if he wants to move through that area into another area, he may do so.


An Ally with Fly may move over double white lines as if they were single white lines, including between two areas of different height. They may not end their move in an area that does not have a maximum capacity.

An Ally with Fly will not trigger a trap (unless they choose to), although they are still affected by one if they are in its area when it is triggered.