2. Journey Step (Scenario Cards)


Choose a Scenario card in the Stock. Some Scenario cards have requirements; you may only choose a Scenario card if you have fulfilled its requirements. You may not choose an arena Scenario card if you played an arena scenario in the previous Scenario step.

Scenario cards

Each Scenario card shows the number, name, requirements (if any), duration, location, introduction, and numbered journey stages for a particular scenario.

If the card shows an experience symbol , completing the scenario (successfully or otherwise) will gain you an experience point (see Experience Points and Gaining a Level).

If the Scenario card shows the replay symbol , the Scenario card is not removed from the game after playing the scenario.

If the Scenario card shows the arena symbol , the scenario is an arena scenario. Arena scenarios may be played multiple times, although you may not play two arena scenarios consecutively.

Scenario card anatomy

Numbered journey stages

Read the introduction on the Scenario card carefully and follow the numbered journey stages shown on the card in order. Each journey stage directs you to do one of the following:

» Read an entry in the Story Book.

» Visit a special location.

» Resolve one or more World Event cards.

» Play the corresponding scenario.

Split Journey Stages

Some numbered stages are split into an A and a B stage. In this case, choose one of the two lettered journey stages to follow. Some of these stages have a requirement, such as spending an amount of Star. You may only choose a lettered stage if you fulfill this requirement.

If the numbered stage after a split journey stage is also split, you must choose the stage with the same letter as you chose previously.

Visiting Special Locations

To visit a special location, read the entry number in the Story Book shown in the stage. Special locations have ongoing plots and storylines which advance each time you visit the special location.

Resolving World Event cards

Some journey stages will instruct you to resolve a World Event card. Reveal the top card of the World Event deck, read the description on the card, and follow the instructions.

Particularly long journeys may instruct you resolve more than one World Event card. If you are instructed to resolve more than one World Event card, resolve them one at a time.

Most World Event cards will require you to choose one of several options on the card. If an option has a requirement, you must fulfill that requirement to choose that option. Your chosen option will usually direct you to read an entry in the Story Book.

After resolving the card, remove it from play.

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