Becoming Wounded


Becoming Wounded

If all of your Stamina chips are wound side up and there is still damage remaining, your Hero becomes wounded:

» Ignore the remaining damage.

» Flip your Vitality disk over to its wounded (red) side.

» The wounded side of your Vitality disk shows a number of

Stamina chips. Return that number of Stamina chips, stamina side up, to your Vitality disk. While wounded, you may not have more Stamina chips on your Vitality disk than this new value.

» Gain an Injury card.

Removing Wounded Status

Some effects may remove wounded status from your Hero:

» Set aside any Stamina chips on your Vitality disk.

» Flip your Vitality disk over to its unwounded (blue) side.

» Replace all set aside Stamina chips onto your Vitality disk, stamina (blue) side up.

Wounded status is also removed from your Hero at the end of a scenario.

Note: Removing wounded status from your Hero does not remove the Injury card they gained when they became wounded.