Locations and Services


There are various locations in the city that your Heroes may visit, and various services at these locations that your Heroes may use. Your Heroes may visit any location and its services any number of times during each City step, and in any order unless instructed otherwise.

The locations and services available to your Heroes are detailed in the Campaign Book. Heroes may visit any location in the section of the Campaign Book (Level 1, Level2, etc) that is equal to their current level. Each time your Heroes gain a level, new locations and services become available, and some may disappear.

Services allow your Heroes to buy items, rent a room, obtain boons, find new scenarios, or possibly gain other benefits.

Buying Items

Some services offer items your Heroes may buy. Your Hero buys an item by spending Star equal to the cost shown, and taking the item from the Stock. If you have the opportunity to buy an item, all copies of the item in the Archive should be immediately added to the Stock.

Example: Your hero visists The Agura Anvil to use the weapon shop service, and decides to purchase a sword. They spend 12 and take a Sword item card from the Stock.

Renting a Room

If your Hero finds a place to sleep, place your Action Selection marker on the corresponding location on the city map.

If your Hero does not find a place to sleep, they lose 2 stamina at the end of the City step.


Some services offer unusual or unique boons.

As an example: Your hero may visit the Temple of the Fifth Eye in order to use the Heal Injury boon. This boon allows you to spend a City Activity point or 3 to discard 1 Injury card from your Hero.

Finding New Scenarios

Your Heroes may find a new scenario at a location. If they do, gain the Scenario card and add it to the stock. See “Journey Step” for more information on Scenario cards.

Learning a Profession

Once your Hero is level 2 they may learn a profession. Each profession may only be learned by one Hero, and each Hero may only learn one profession.

To learn a profession, visit the relevant service and pay the cost shown. Take the Profession card. For more information, see “Professions”.

Stashing Items and Stars

You may find places where items may be stashed. This is useful for hiding illegal items from the authorities or keeping your belongings safe from thieves and other unfortunate events. See “Illegal Items in Selling Items”. You may not stash Quest items.

Instead of stashing an item you may stash up to 10 .

Stashed items and Stars do not count as being carried by your Hero. You Hero may not use a stashed item or spend stashed Stars, but they may retrieve them at any time during the City step except when resolving a City Event card.

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