Some pets have a figure (a miniature or standee) that may be placed on the scenario map. If the pet figure is not on the scenario map, you may place it in the same area as your Hero at any time on your turn.

The pet may move the amount shown on its Pet card once during each of your turns, including during the turn you place it.

The pet does not count as an Ally and may not be affected by any effects or targeted by any Enemy attacks. The pet takes up no capacity in an area and and so may move into and remain in an area already at Maximum Capacity. A pet reveals Story cards as if it were an Ally.

You may not choose to start using a different pet if your pet figure is on the scenario map.

At any time on your turn, if your pet figure is in the same area as your Hero, you may remove it from the scenario map.

069 Gric Provides the Herbalism phrase.

Trained: Once per scenario, gain a small circular Herb token from the stock.

070 Luawa You may place the Luawa standee on the map. See above.

Trained: Each Enemy moving out of the area containing the standee suffers 1 damage.

071 Nazag A poison. Once per scenario, make a non-Elite Enemy gain the Stunned condition if they take damage from your attack.

Trained: Use the ability twice per scenario.

072 Ophira Each you roll during an active ability check or attack may be used to reroll that die.

Trained: In addition, you may use each +1 you roll during an reactive ability check to reroll that die.

073 Aiunin If you performed a magic attack this turn, restore 1 extra spent stamina when you perform a Recover maneuver to restore spent stamina this turn.

Trained: In addition, if you performed a magic attack this turn, you may heal 1 extra damage when you perform a Recover maneuver to heal damage this turn.