Hero Actions General


Many of the Hero actions use common effects. These are described below, followed by a detailed description of each Hero action.

Attack Actions

When you perform an attack action you must make any choices about which Enemies or areas you are targeting before rolling any .

When you roll on one or more during an attack that targets several Enemies, any stamina you spend will increase the damage suffered by all Enemies targeted by the attack.

Marking Allies, Enemies, Areas, and Weapons

Some Hero actions use one or more tokens to mark Allies, Enemies, areas of the Scenario map, or Item cards.

To mark an Ally, place the token on that Ally’s Hero board or Ally card.

To mark an Enemy, place the token next to that Enemy’s Health Counter die on its Enemy board.

To mark an area of the Scenario map, place the token in that area.

To mark an Item card, place the token on that Item card.

If you perform the action again and the token(s) are still placed, take them back and place them again.

You may want to place the token in a stand to make it more visible.

Passive Actions

All level 3 Hero actions are passive actions. Passive actions require you to lock 1 or more stamina (see Locking Stamina on Game Effects (A-O)).

If a passive action ends:

» Place any of its remaining locked Stamina chips above your Hero board, stamina side up.

» If the passive action uses one or more tokens, take back those tokens.

If you perform a passive action while the same passive action is already active, the previous passive action ends. You may voluntarily end a passive action at any time.


You may share the damage caused by an attack with cleave in any way you like among several Enemies within range. You do not need to decide which Enemy you are attacking before you roll the attack.

Area attacks

Area attacks affect every Enemy in one or more areas. The number in the hex symbol shows at what range areas are affected. This range is measured from the area targeted by the area attack.

All Enemies in the area within the given range are affected by the area attack. An area must be within line of sight of the targeted area to be affected. Areas of a different height may be affected by the attack as long as they are in line of sight.

Obstructed aim penalty does not apply to any damage caused by an area attack.

Adjacent Area Attacks

Target all Enemies in 2 adjacent areas.

Straight Line Attacks

Target up to one Enemy in each of the 3 / 4 areas in a straight line of sight from your area. Obstructed aim penalty does not apply to any damage caused by a straight line attack.

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