Orbs & Artifacts Item Descriptions



139 Orb of Aiun - You are immune to the Confused condition.

140 Orb of Ferox - You are immune to the Weakened condition.

141 Orb of Agur - You are immune to the Held condition.

142 Orb of Aox - You are immune to the Cursed condition.


143 Wyldkin Band - You are immune to the Cursed condition.

You may spend up to 3 stamina instead of 2 for each you roll to gain an equal number of successes.

144 Staff of Phaedra - Add 2 successes to your melee or magic attack. For each Enemy you defeat during this attack, restore 2 spent stamina.

145 Shadow Goggles - Reveal Story cards at 1 range further except for range 0 Story Points.You must have line of sight to the area containing the Story Point. You ignore the Obstructed Aim penalty. Each time you defeat an Enemy, gain the Invisible condition.

146 Rakka's Wand - Add 1 success and Pierce 1 to your melee or magic attack.

If you discard a poison during your attack, roll a . If you roll , do not discard the poison.

147 Puzzle Box of Xi-Sai - Once per turn, you may roll the active will check shown. If the check is a success, you may swap location with an Ally and you both restore 5 stamina (a Non-Hero Ally gains no benefit from this). If you do, you may not use this effect again during this scenario.

148 High Celestor's Robes - Add 1 to each reactive will check you roll.

Each you roll during a magic attack may be used to reroll that die. Once per City step you may reroll an active or reactive ability check.
149 Goblet of Thaxo - You may discard a Lanium Bar token before you roll a reactive ability check to add 3 to the check. Once per City step, if you have the Transmute talent, you gain 1 more essence of the same type.
150 Figurine of Lanimora You may discard a Nature Essence token to gain an Inspiration gem. Once per scenario, you may give all Allies within range 2 of your Hero the Blessed condition.

151 Aox Flask - Once per scenario you may discard a Blood Crystal token to attempt to summon a Lumin Ally at range 1. Roll a . If you roll , suffer 2 damage. If you roll , the Lumin Ally is not summoned.

152 Aiun Tear - Once per scenario, perform one of the following effects on an Ally within range 3:

» Restore spent stamina and Heal damage in any combination up to a total of 10.

» Remove wounded status from a Hero.

» Remove exhausted status from a Hero.