Each Hero


12 Unless the scenario has instructed you otherwise, place your Hero miniature in the start area (the area with “Start” written on it). Some scenarios may have multiple start areas. If the start area does not have sufficient maximum capacity (common as in a 4-player game with a Henchman) place excess figures in an adjacent area.

13 If your Hero is level 2 or above, place your Hero’s Extra Actions board to the left of your Hero board.

14 Take your Hero’s Action tokens (according to your Hero’s level and, if level 2 or above, chosen class) and choose which ones you will use during the scenario by placing them on the relevant spaces of your Hero board and Extra Actions board. If you are level 2 or below, place the unchosen Action tokens back in your Hero board. If you are level 3 or above, leave the level 3 and level 5 slot of your Extra Actions board empty, and place the unchosen Action tokens to the left of your Extra Actions board.

15 Choose which of your Hero’s items you wish to take with you during this scenario and place them below your Hero board (active items on the left and others on the right). Quest and Hero specific items must always be chosen. Remember to obey your active item limit, your encumbrance limit, and any other requirements your individual items may have. See Item cards. Any items you do not choose remain in your Hero board and may not be used during this scenario.

16 If your Hero has any Condition or Injury cards, place them on your Hero board.

17 You may lock stamina on any items that require locked stamina to use (see Locking Stamina on on Game Effects).

18 Take 1 of each of the 2 Reference cards.