An Enemy Turn


Each type of Enemy has an Enemy card that shows its initiative and the actions that Enemy may perform on its turn. Enemies of the same type take their turn one at a time, in the order shown by the number on their figure (lowest to highest). If two different types of Enemies have the same initiative, you may choose which type takes their turns first.

On its turn, each Enemy will perform the action on its Enemy card that matches the action symbol indicated on its activation bar on the Initiative card (, , or ). An Enemy action typically consists of two parts: a move and an attack. Complete each part in full before moving on to the next.

Some Enemies may perform several effects as part of their attack. In this case, each effect is separated by a comma. For descriptions of the various effects you may see on Enemy cards, see Enemies and Effects.

Snake and Horns Special Abilities

Some Initiative cards show an Enemy special ability symbol on one or more Enemy initiative bars. Each Enemy with a matching initiative uses the corresponding special ability during their turn.

The effect of the snake special ability (shown on the top right of the Enemy card) either takes place before the Enemy’s action or modifies the Enemy’s action.

The effect of the horns special ability (shown to the right of each Enemy action) either modifies the Enemy’s action or takes place after the Enemy’s action.

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