Hideout: The Pit: You have a hideout at city location J - The Pit. See Hideouts.

Pickpocket: Spend a and roll 2 . Add up the successes you roll counting each as 2 successes and rerolling when you roll a as normal.

» If you roll fewer that 5 successes, gain equal to the successes you roll. If you roll 5 or more successes, gain 0 .

» If you have with either The Sable Crown or The Shroud, you may choose whether or not to reroll when you roll a .

Haggle: Once per City step, choose a serv ice and spend a . Each item you purchase from that service during this City step costs 1 fewer , up to a maximum number of items equal to your level.

Burglary: The “Lock picking” and “Disarm traps” phrases may allow you to choose a special option or give you a bonus an an ability check. Also, see Traps.

Perception: Reveal Story cards at 1 range further except for range 0 Story Points. You must have line of sight to the area containing the Story Point.

Master Talent

True Mercenary: You may hire a Henchm an at half its normal cost. See The Ravenous Guivren Hire Henchman service.

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