Achievement Gems


Your Hero may discard an Achievement gem for one of the following benefits:

During a scenario:

» +1 : Gain 1 extra movement point during a move maneuver or rethink action.

» +1 Recover: Restore 1 extra stamina or heal 1 extra damage during a recover maneuver or rethink action.

» +1 Attack : Gain 1 extra success when

At any time:

» +1 Ability Check / : Gain 1 extra success when performing an active or reactive ability check.

You may only discard one Achievement gem during each maneuver or action (for +1 move or +1 recover), attack (for +1 attack success) or ability check (for +1 ability check success).

You may discard the Achievement gem at any point during the maneuver, action, or roll, including after you have spent your last movement point, or after you have rolled all of your dice. Each Hero may have up to 15 Achievement gems at a time. You may not give Achievement gems to other Heroes.