Reading Your Hero Book


Your hero book is split into 2 sections.

Section 1 contains an entry for each level that you should read when you gain that Level.

Follow any instructions contained in the entry when you read it for the first time. You may read these entries again whenever you like, but do not follow the instructions again.

After each of these entries is a list of City Activities that your Hero may perform in the City Step. You may only perform

activities from the list for your current level.

Some may have conditions such as only being performed once, once at this level, once per City step, spending Star, or having a certain keyword in your Hero or Party journal. You may only choose an option if you fulfill the condition.

Section 2 contains story entries that you may be instructed to read. This will be shown by your Hero symbol and a 2 digit entry


Find the correct entry number using the numbers at the start of each entry title, trying not to looking at the title name or contents of any other entries.

Once you find the correct entry, read its title and contents, and follow any instructions within.

The entry may offer you a choice of several options. If it does, make your choice and follow any instructions for that option.

An entry may instruct you to read another entry. If it does, find and read that entry in the same way.

If you are not instructed to read another entry, close that page of your Hero Book.