Story Cards General


When you reveal a Story card, only read the back of the card. Be careful not to read the other side of the Story card, or the front or back of any of the other Story cards until instructed to do so.

Following any instructions shown on the back of the revealed Story card.

Note: Sometimes a Story card may be revealed in multiple ways: by multiple Story Points showing the same letter, or by instructions on another Story card or elsewhere. However, each Story card can only be revealed once; once a Story card has been revealed, ignore all further instructions to reveal that Story card.

Sections of a Story card

Some sections on a Story card have a numerical (non-infinite) range. Interacting with these sections is optional. In order to interact with such a section, your Hero must be within the range shown of the corresponding Story Point. Non-Hero Allies may not interact with a section of a Story card that has a numerical range.

Some sections on a Scenario do not show a range or show an infinite range. These sections are always active, and any instructions in them must be followed immediately, even if the card was revealed by a Non-Hero Ally.