Begin setup by attaching the Origin board to the Main board, with a random orientation.

1. Assembling the game board with the base piece.

2. Origin starting setup with 7 willpower counters in each sphere.

3. The center of the Origin board is initially empty, but during play, Cerebria will build up an Identity.

The five Spheres of the Origin provide Willpower, the energy that powers Cerebria. During play, your Spirit will be able to absorb this Willpower and use it to shape the Inside World. When a Sphere is emptied, Cerebria experiences a Revelation, then the Sphere is replenished.

Each Sphere starts with seven Willpower. Remaining Willpower will be kept within easy reach of each team as a general supply, as shown in the Main Board Setup section.

The Origin is also the place where you will build Cerebria’s Identity. During play, Identity Fragments will be stacked here, recording your impact on Cerebria. At the beginning of the game, the mind does not even know who it is, and this space is empty.

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