Cerebria: The Inside World

Unlocking and Upgrading - Example


EXAMPLE: Diana would like to move adjacent to KINDNESS. However, KINDNESS’ S Realm is 2 slots away, so Diana will need to upgrade her Move Action. Before taking the Action, she discards COURAGE from her hand and places a red Vibe token on the first upgrade of the Move Action. For the rest of the game, she may move 1 or 2 spaces with her Move, but moving 2 spaces costs her 1 additional Willpower.

OTHER WAYS TO ADD VIBE TOKENS: Players may have access to abilities and powers that allow them to unlock or upgrade Spirit Actions at other times. The following rules always apply:
• You cannot upgrade a Spirit Action that has not yet been unlocked.
• The Vibe token you add must be a different color from those already in the row.
• You add one of your team’s normal Vibe tokens, not a wild Vibe token.