Cerebria: The Inside World

Empathy - Spirits and Powers


Empathy - The Clement Curer, the Selfless

Empathy is a kind‑hearted, sweet and loving fellow, who came into being when the rivalry between the Spirits had ravaged too much of the Inside World. Though meek and ingenuous, Empathy may be the most respected Spirit by the inhabitants of Cerebria, for it cares deeply for their well‑being, tending to their wounds and easing their toll and suffering whenever possible. Empathy tends to be utterly selfless, dangerously depleting itself to help others. Its com‑ passionate company is usually Kindness, Benevolence, and even the most benign of all Emotions: Purity.

Bliss Emotions on slots adjacent to Empathy and on slots adjacent to those slots cannot be quelled.