Cerebria: The Inside World

Ambition Abilities


AMBITION ABILITIES: Ambition is a third resource besides Willpower and Essence. It is limited to 3 tokens, which are shared between team members. Ambition can be spent on:

1. Certain powerful Spirit Actions and upgrades (such as Quell), as described in the previous sections.

2. Ambition Abilities.

Available Ambition

Spent Ambition

Your team starts the game with no available Ambition. The most common way to gain Ambition is at the end of your turn when you may flip over one face‑down Ambition token instead of drawing 2 Emotion cards.

There may be other ways to gain Ambition during your turn, but such opportunities are rare.

To spend Ambition, flip one available token over. If all tokens are flipped over, you cannot spend Ambition and thus cannot use Ambition Abilities.

The Ambition Abilities are depicted on your Team board.

LIMITATION: You can use as many different Abilities as you can pay for, but each Ability can be used only once per turn.

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