Cerebria: The Inside World

Misery - Spirits and Powers


Misery - The Breaker of Mirth, the Unobscured Mind

At first, a gaunt, sullen figure came forth from the shadows: Misery, the oldest of all Spirits. Wherever it goes, colors become grey, smiles fade, Bitterness and Pessimism turn joy into a sour memory.

Albeit bleak and morose, Misery is capable of incredible rationality and practical judgement, devising ingenious plans to squeeze out every grain of the Origin’s energies. It’s no wonder that Misery can get even Lethargy and Indifference to do its bidding.

When using its Absorb Ability, Misery may choose to take its Willpower income from a Sphere adjacent to the one(s) it can access. If it does, it receives the Sphere bonus of that Sphere instead, but if a Revelation is triggered this way, the Fortress adjacent to that Sphere is not added to the Identity.