Cerebria: The Inside World

Revelations, Fragments, & Identity Notes


Revelations are the most important moments of a game of Cerebria. This is when the Aspirations the Spirits have been striving for are evaluated, and as a result, new Fragments are added to Cerebria’s developing Identity. At the end of the game, Fragments in the Identity will be worth points, so its composition will be crucial in determining the winning side.

NOTE: It is not possible to accomplish the other team’s Hidden Aspiration.

NOTE: A Fortress that you built this turn cannot be added to the Identity. Likewise, a Fortress that you Exalted this turn (replacing its Minor Fragment with a Major Fragment) cannot be added to the Identity.

LIMITLESS WILLPOWER: Willpower counters are not intended to be limited. In the unlikely event that the supply runs out of counters, us a suitable substitute.

After the Revelation has been resolved, the current player’s turn continues.