Cerebria: The Inside World

Unlocking and Upgrading Spirit Actions


A Spirit Action with a Vibe token on the leftmost slot is unlocked. If a Spirit Action has no Vibe token, you may still perform that Action but only if you first place a Vibe token as the first step of that Action.

PLACING A VIBE TOKEN: Immediately after declaring you are performing a Spirit Action and before carrying out that Action, you may place one Vibe token on that Action. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Discard one Emotion card from your hand.

2. From the supply, take a Vibe token that matches the Vibe on the discarded Emotion.

3. If the Spirit Action is not unlocked (i.e. there is no Vibe token on the leftmost space of the Spirit Action’s row), place the Vibe token on the leftmost space. This unlocks the Action. If the Action is already unlocked, you may place the Vibe token on any of its three upgrades instead.

When placing Vibe tokens, you must keep in mind one restriction: You cannot have two Vibe tokens of the same color in the same Spirit Action row.

WILD VIBE TOKENS: Wild Vibe tokens are special tokens you placed on your board at the beginning of the game. Wild Vibe tokens have no color. In other words, a wild Vibe token does not match the color of any other token in its row, not even another wild Vibe token, therefore they do not limit further Vibe token placement.

The use of upgrades is always optional. When performing a Spirit Action, you may use any number of your available upgrades on the Action. Each upgrade can be used at most once.

Spirit Actions and their standard upgrades are described in this section. Experienced players can play with the B sides of the Spirit boards, on which each Spirit has a unique set of upgrades. These are explained in the Appendix.

All Spirit Actions have the same third upgrade, so we explain it here.

Determination: Using the Spirit Action costs 1 less Willpower. This discount is applied only once – for example, if you use the base Spirit Action and 2 upgrades, your discount is still only 1 Willpower, not 3.