Aspirations serve as guidance for the Spirits, determining what they need to strive for. Cerebria is a goal‑driven game. During play, you will have the opportunity to trigger scoring events called Revelations, at which time the teams will be scored based on how well they accomplished their Aspirations.

Above: Gloom's Hidden Aspiration; Common Aspiration; Bliss's Hidden Aspiration

At all times, there is one Common Aspiration contested by both sides. The Common Aspirations are face up in a row along one edge of the Main board. The leftmost one is the first goal players are competing to achieve. After a Revelation is scored, the current Common Aspiration is turned face down, and players aspire to the goal represented by the next card in line.

Each team also has their own Hidden Aspiration, on top of their own deck. After laying out the Common Aspirations, shuffle your team’s deck of Hidden Aspirations and set it face down on your Team board. Peek at the top card. Your Hidden Aspiration must never match the current Common Aspiration. If it matches, shuffle your deck and try again. (If it doesn’t match, then you leave it on top.)

The card atop your deck is a secret goal your team is trying to achieve. You may look at this card at any time.

NOTE: Each Aspiration card is explained in detail in the section on Scoring.