Cerebria: The Inside World

Anxiety - Asymmetric Spirit Board



Flight (+1 WP): Move up to 2 extra spaces. Replaces Haste.

From the Shadows (no additional cost): Pick up your Spirit Figure and place it on any space adjacent to a Bleakness Emotion, then gain 2 WP. You cannot end up on the same space as an opposing Spirit unless you have the Surmount upgrade. Replaces Determination.


Bolster: Costs +3 WP instead of +1 Ambition.

Seeds of Darkness (+1 WP): You may invoke a Bleakness Emotion on any empty Emotion slot, even on one you are not adjacent to. Replaces Inner Force.


Devour (no additional cost): After this Quell Action, you may use a Vibe token matching the quelled Emotion’s Vibe color to unlock or upgrade one of your Spirit Actions. Replaces Extinguish.


Attune with Origin (+1 WP, +1 Ambition): Use this upgrade only if your team (Gloom) already has a Minor Fragment on the Fortress location. Move that Fragment to the Identity. (Remove the +1 Intensity marker and recalculate Realm control.) Replaces Raze.

NOTE: You can use this upgrade even in a Realm controlled by your opponent.


Spreading Darkness (no additional cost): Empower an adjacent Bleakness Emotion to the Strong version of a Mild Emotion in your hand. The Bleakness must meet the Empower threshold of the Strong Emotion. Discard the Mild Emotion from your hand. Replaces Channeled Power.