Cerebria: The Inside World

Anxiety - Spirits and Powers


Anxiety - The Dark Harvester, the Vigilant

Planting small seeds of darkness and slowly nurturing them to full growth until all of the Five Realms fall to Gloom ‑ this is the way Anxiety spreads its dark influence. Since its arrival in Cerebria, Bliss Spirits have been constantly experiencing the crawling feeling of its presence, like a specter that you can only see from the corner of your eye.

Emotions in its wake tell stories of feeling completely alone and powerless, stripped of all Bliss, with only hollowness inside ‑ encounters with some of Anxiety’s strongest servants, Isolation and Doubt.

Anxiety is an eerie Spirit, but also one of constant vigilance, staying alert for changes in other Spirits and looking out for dangers that could threaten Cerebria.

Instead of Invoking an Emotion from its hand, Anxiety may choose to invoke a Bleakness Emotion from the general supply with the Invoke Action. The total number of Bleakness Emotions on the Main board is limited to 6.