Invoking Emotions is the primary way to get more Emotion cards on the Main board.

Pay 2 Willpower to play an Emotion card from your hand onto an empty Emotion slot adjacent to your Spirit. Then, immediately place Essence from your Spirit board on the Emotion’s shaded Essence space. Recalculate control of Realms and Frontiers.

Adjacency: A Spirit Figure on a Frontier is adjacent to 1 Emotion slot, the one on that Frontier. A Spirit Figure in a Realm is adjacent to 2 Emotions slots, the two in that Realm.

NOTE: The first space is shaded to remind you that Essence must be placed here when you invoke it. Emotions have powers, some of which trigger when they are invoked. Powers are explained in the Appendix.

Bolster: You may also spend 1 Ambition to give the Emotion 1 Essence above the amount the Emotion usually starts with. This extra Essence comes from the general supply.

NOTE: You spend Ambition by flipping over an available Ambition token. The details will be explained in the section on Ambition.

Inner Force: For 2 additional Willpower, you may take the required Essence from the general supply instead of using your own.