Above: Triad - Only Emotions in these 3 slots can influence this Frontier.

Control of a Frontier is determined by the Emotion slot on that Frontier and the two adjacent slots (one in each neighboring Realm). These three slots are the Frontier’s Triad. If only one team has Emotions in the Triad, that team controls the Frontier.

If both teams have Emotions in the Triad, you should compare their Intensities.

Above: The highest-numbered space is 2 for Affection and 1 for Dislike.

Each Emotion has a number of Essence on it, filling spaces from left to right. The highest‑numbered space with an Essence on it is that Emotion’s Intensity. For example, in the illustration above, Affection has 2 Intensity.

Add up each team’s total Intensities in the Frontier’s Triad. The team with the higher total controls that Frontier. Use the double-sided Frontier Control marker to denote the controlling team.

If both teams’ Intensities are equal (or if neither team has an Emotion in the Triad), then neither team controls the Frontier, and the Frontier Control marker should be placed nearby, off the board.

Benefits of Controlling a Frontier:

• It may be a condition for an Aspiration.
• Your Absorb Ability gains you 1 extra Willpower if your Spirit Figure is on or adjacent to that Frontier. This is explained fully in the Absorb Ability section.