Players take turns, according to the play order established at the beginning of the game, alternating between Bliss and Gloom players. If a player’s turn triggers a Revelation scoring event, the Revelation is resolved immediately, and the player’s turn continues afterwards.

TURN OVERVIEW: On your turn, you take 3 Actions. You have 10 possible Actions available:
• 5 Spirit Actions, depicted on your Spirit board.
• 5 Realm Actions, depicted in the 5 Realms on the Main board.

You may take the same Action more than once, if you wish.

In addition, you have 3 Ambition Abilities, which you may use before or after any Action, if you have available Ambition. In particular, one of these Ambition Abilities allows you to buy an extra Action for the turn. Ambition Abilities are depicted on your Team board. Each Ambition Ability can be used only once per turn.

You also have an Absorb Ability, which can be used only once per turn. Using it might trigger a Revelation.

Use your Action Tracker token to keep track of how many Actions you have already used. If you use your Absorb Ability, flip the token over. Tracking this information will be especially helpful if your turn is interrupted by a Revelation.

At the end of your turn:

• Flip 1 used Ambition token to the “available” side OR draw 2 Emotion cards.
• If you have 0 Willpower, gain 1.
• If necessary, flip your Action Tracker token to show that Absorb is available again.

Delight has taken 2 Actions. She has 1 left, and her Absorb Ability is still available.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? On a typical turn, you will want to affect the Emotions in some way. To affect the Emotion slot on a Frontier, you need to be on the Spirit space on that Frontier. To affect either Emotion slot in a Realm, you need to be in that Realm. So you might need to spend some Actions moving your Spirit Figure. Most Actions require Willpower, so you will probably want to get some using your Absorb Ability. And there are Actions you can take to gain Willpower or Essence from the general supply.

All Actions and Abilities are described in detail in the following sections.