Cerebria: The Inside World

Main Board Setup Steps


This section depicts the basic setup for a standard four-player game. Rules for other numbers of players are in the Appendix.

1. Set up the Origin and give each Sphere 7 Willpower counters, as explained on the Origin section.

2. Place the remaining Willpower counters and each team’s Essence counters on the Main board, next to the play area where players can reach them.

3. Place each team’s Point counter on the “0” starting space of their Wheel of Intentions.

4. Player Setup: Players choose Spirits and build Emotion decks, as described on the Player Setup section. Decks should be shuffled and placed on the board. The top card of each Emotion deck is always face up.

5. Shuffle the deck of Common Aspirations and deal all nine cards face up in a row. Aspirations are explained in detail later.

6. Take the four players’ Player Order markers and randomly determine the order of play for the game. One team’s players should go first and third; the other team’s players go second and fourth. Place the markers near the board to remind you of play order.

7. Initial conditions: Players will begin the game by deciding where to place their Spirit Figures and Starting Emotions. If your group is learning Cerebria, you should place figures and cards as shown here, to guarantee a fair start.

Realm: Realm Emotion slots (below)

Cerebria is divided into five Realms. Each Realm is associated with a specific Action. A team that controls the Realm can use the Action more cheaply.

Frontier: Frontier Emotion slot (below)

Between the Realms are five Frontiers. Spirits and Emotions on Frontiers are not fully in either Realm, but they are in position to influence both of them.