In the struggle for Cerebria, Emotions sometimes have to be deprived of their Essence and removed from the board. This costly but effective Action is called Quell.

Spend 2 Willpower and 1 Ambition to quell an opposing Emotion adjacent to your Spirit Figure. You must have an Emotion card in your hand with a Vibe color that matches that of the opposing Emotion. Reveal your card and remove the rightmost Essence from the quelled Emotion. (The Essence goes to the general supply. The revealed card remains in your hand.)

If the Emotion is left with no Essence, remove it from the board and discard it. Mild Emotions go to the bottom of the Emotion deck. Strong Emotions go back to their deck.

DISCARDED CARDS: Whenever a card is discarded, put it face down on the bottom if the Emotion deck if it is a Mild Emotion or back in the Strong Emotion deck if it is a Strong Emotion.

NOTE: You cannot quell an Emotion unless you hold a card with a matching Vibe.

EXCEPTION: Brightness and Bleakness, the starting Emotions, match any Vibe. You can quell them as long as you have a card in your hand. When they are removed from the board, they go back into the box.

Subdue: For 2 additional Willpower, you may remove 1 additional Essence from the quelled Emotion. (But you cannot spend 4 Willpower to remove an additional 2.)

Extinguish: For 1 additional Willpower, you do not have to reveal a card to quell an Emotion. This also means you may quell even if your hand is empty.