Cerebria: The Inside World

Harmony - Asymmetric Spirit Board



Flight (+1 WP): Move up to 2 extra spaces. Replaces Haste.

Surmount: Costs 0 WP instead of 1.


Relish (+1 WP): After this Invoke Action, draw a card. Replaces Bolster.


Vanquish (+1 Ambition): You may remove up to 2 additional Essence from the quelled Emotion. Replaces Subdue.

Emotional Cycle (no additional cost): If you remove the last Essence from a Gloom Emotion with this Quell Action, draw a card. Replaces Determination.


Attune with Origin (+1 WP, +1 Ambition): Use this upgrade only if your team (Bliss) already has a Minor Fragment on the Fortress location. Move that Fragment to the Identity. (Remove the +1 Intensity marker and recalculate Realm control.) Replaces Exalt.

NOTE: You can use this upgrade even in a Realm controlled by your opponent.


Rush to Aid (+1 WP): Before Empowering an Emotion, you may pay this cost to pick up your Spirit Figure and place it on the Spirit space adjacent to that Emotion, even if the space is occupied by an opposing Spirit. Replaces Emotional Outburst.