Cerebria: The Inside World

Empathy - Asymmetric Spirit Board



Surmount: Costs 0 WP instead of 1.

Switcheroo (+1 WP): Instead of moving, switch spaces with any other Spirit. You cannot end up on the same space as an opposing Spirit unless you have the Surmount upgrade. Replaces Determination.


Sharing is Caring (+2 WP): You may give the Emotion 1 Essence above the amount the Emotion usually starts with. This Essence comes from your Spirit board. Replaces Bolster.

Motivation (+3 WP): After this Invoke Action, gain 1 Ambition. Replaces Inner Force.


Conversion (no additional cost): If you remove the last Essence from a Gloom Emotion with this Quell Action, gain 1 Essence. Replaces Determination.


Feeling Safe (no additional cost): After this Fortify Action, gain 1 Essence. Replaces Raze.


Emotional Outburst: has no additional cost