Cerebria: The Inside World

The Absorb Ability


Absorb is your ability to attune with the Origin. This Ability can be used only once each turn, before or after any Action.

The Absorb Ability has two very important benefits:
• It is a great source of Willpower and other resources.
• It can trigger a Revelation that allows you to add Fragments to the Identity.

Well‑timed Absorbs ending in a beneficial Revelation can be very satisfying and are the key to mastering Cerebria.

To use your Absorb Ability:

1. Flip your Action Tracker token to its inactive side, indicating that Absorb cannot be used again this turn.

NOTE: Since the starting player’s Action Tracker token starts face down, they cannot Absorb on their first turn.

2. Choose an adjacent Origin Sphere. (See the illustration.)

A Spirit in a Realm can Absorb only from that Realm’s sphere. It can get a bonus if its team controls either of the 2 adjacent Frontiers.

A Spirit on a Frontier can choose between 2 Realms’ Spheres. It can get a bonus if its team controls the adjacent Frontier.

3. Take Willpower from it:
• Your base Absorb is 2 Willpower.
• Take 1 additional Willpower for each adjacent Frontier your team controls. (If your Spirit Figure is in a Realm, it is adjacent to 2 Frontiers. On a Frontier, it is adjacent only to that Frontier.)
• Some Emotions have powers that may also modify the amount of Willpower you receive.
• If you are entitled to Absorb more Willpower than is currently in the Sphere, you simply take all that is left.

4. Receive the bonus depicted on the Sphere:

Commitment: Pay 1 Willpower, then flip 1 Ambition token to the “available” side.

Humility: Take 1 Essence from the general supply.

Diligence: Take 2 Willpower from the general supply (not from the Sphere).

Knowledge: Add a Vibe token of your choice to any of your Spirit Actions. (This works exactly like the Ambition Ability.)

Creativity: Draw 1 Emotion card.

NOTE: These bonuses are optional. With Commitment, for example, you don’t have to pay Willpower and gain 1 Ambition if you don’t want to. Usually, you want to.

5. If the Sphere is now empty, it is time for a Revelation. Revelations are explained in the next section.

6. Rotate the Origin clockwise once, changing the alignment of the Spheres.

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