The Land of Desires allows Spirits to use the power of imagination to focus attention on certain Emotions, nurturing them with Essence.

Intensify Emotion: This Action has 2 steps.

1. Pay 1 Willpower to choose an Emotion belonging to your team that is adjacent to your Spirit Figure. Add 1 Essence from your Spirit board to that Emotion. (The Essence spaces on the Emotion card fill from left to right.)

2. Pay any additional amount of Willpower to add that many additional Essence from your Spirit board to the same card.

This usually increases the Emotion’s Intensity, and you may need to recalculate control of Realms and Frontiers.

CONTROL: If your team controls the Land of Desires, the first step is free, but you still have to pay 1 Willpower for each Essence you add in step 2.

ADJACENCY: To intensify an Emotion on a Frontier, you must be on that Frontier. To intensify an Emotion in a Realm, you must be in that Realm.