Cerebria: The Inside World

Ambition Abilities - Examples


Add a Vibe token: Spend 1 Ambition to place a Vibe token to unlock or upgrade one of your Spirit Actions.

NOTE: The effect of this Ability is similar to adding a Vibe token as the first step of a Spirit Action, but it circumvents most of its restrictions, giving you a lot more flexibility. When using this Ambition Ability:
• You don’t have to discard a card.
• You can choose a Vibe token of any color that is not currently in that Spirit Action’s row, even if you do not have an Emotion with that Vibe in hand. (But you cannot choose a wild Vibe token. Those are used only at the beginning of the game.)
• You don’t have to immediately perform the Action you unlocked or upgraded.

Rotate Origin: Spend 1 Ambition to rotate the Origin. Each Sphere moves 1 step clockwise to the next Realm. This can help players access Spheres they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Additional Action: Spend 2 Ambition to gain an additional Action for the turn.

These Abilities are very powerful when used right, but Ambition is quite rare. Consider what you are spending it on carefully!