Cerebria: The Inside World

Harmony - Spirits and Powers


Harmony - The Prudent, the Quiescent

Quiet contemplation, self‑discovery and perpetual learning ‑ these are the most important values to Harmony. Placid and bright, it teaches that realizing our own worth and potential is essential, as is constantly expanding the horizons of our under‑ standing. Harmony is a calm and observant Spirit, but sometimes this strong inward focus renders it quiescent to the point of inactivity, making it lose touch with the other Spirits and the happenings in Cerebria. Harmony promotes Emotions like Tranquility and Confidence in the Inside World, but also managed to earn the respect of Dignity, one of the most venerable of all Emotions.

When discarding a card to place a Vibe token, Harmony may discard an additional card to place an additional token. The placed tokens can be any color, regardless of the Vibe of the discarded Emotion.