Cerebria: The Inside World

Realm Actions - Overview


There are five Realm Actions, each associated with one of the five Realms of Cerebria.

NOTE: All five are available to you, regardless of your Spirit Figure’s location.

Performing a Realm Action costs the amount of Willpower depicted below the Realm’s name. In most Realms, the cost is 1 Willpower, but the Action associated with the Network of Thoughts costs 2.

If your team controls a particular Realm, that Realm’s Action costs you 1 less Willpower.


• Spirit Actions must be unlocked. Realm Actions are always available.

• Spirit Actions are upgradable. Realm Actions are not.

• Controlling a Realm gives your team a discount on that Realm’s Action.

• Realm Actions require only Willpower. Some Spirit Actions and upgrades also require Ambition.

Realms and their Actions are described below in the following sections.

You can find all Realm Actions on your Quick Reference card.