Cerebria: The Inside World

Delight - Asymmetric Spirit Board



Push (+1 WP): You may end your move on a space occupied by an opposing Spirit. If you do, move that Spirit to an adjacent Spirit space. (You can choose a space that is occupied by your teammate, even if the moved Spirit has no Surmount upgrade.) Replaces Surmount.


Summon (+1 WP): Instead of invoking a card from your hand, invoke the top card of your deck. Replaces Bolster.


Cleansing Light (+1 WP): You may quell an Emotion without being adjacent to it. Discard the revealed card if you do. Replaces Extinguish.


Relish (+1 WP): After this Empower Action, draw two cards, keep one and discard the other. Replaces Channeled Power.