Cerebria: The Inside World

Revelations, Fragments, & Identity


A Revelation is triggered immediately once a Sphere is emptied as a result of a Spirit’s Absorb Ability. When this happens, take the following steps in this order:

1. Each side reveals their current Hidden Aspiration (the topmost card of their Hidden Aspiration deck).

2. Bliss and Gloom each check their own Hidden Aspiration and the Common Aspiration to see if they accomplished either of them. This always involves determining which team has more of something. (If both teams have the same amount, the Aspiration has not been accomplished.)

Above: The current common aspiration.

3. A team that accomplished an Aspiration may add a Fragment to the Identity by stacking it on the center of the board:

• A team that accomplished only one Aspiration adds one Minor Fragment.

• A team that accomplished their Hidden Aspiration and the Common Aspiration adds one Major Fragment.

If the team does not have any more Fragments of the type they are supposed to add, this triggers the end of the game. They will get to add their Capping Fragment, as explained in the section on Ending the Game.

4. Determine the new Common Aspiration:
• The Common Aspiration is turned face down. It will not be scored again.
• If one team added a Major Fragment, then the other team must choose one of the face‑up Aspirations and return it to the box. (If neither added a Major Fragment, skip this step.)
• The leftmost face‑up Aspiration will be the new Common Aspiration.

5. Choose new Hidden Aspirations:
• Each team returns their Hidden Aspiration to the box, whether it was accomplished or not.
• If a Team accomplished no Aspiration during this Revelation, they may look at the top 3 cards of their Hidden Aspiration deck, choose 1, shuffle the rest into the deck, and place the chosen card on top. The Aspiration they choose must not be the same as the new Common Aspiration.
• A team that did add a Fragment simply checks their new top card to be certain it is different from the new Common Aspiration. If it is the same, they shuffle the deck until they have one that is different.
• The top card of each Hidden Aspiration deck will be the new Hidden Aspiration for each team.

6. If the Fortress location adjacent to the emptied Sphere has a Fragment that was built or Exalted earlier than the current turn, add that Fragment to the Identity and remove its associated Intensity token from the Realm. As a result, Realm control may change.

7. Finally, place 7 Willpower from the general supply into the Sphere just emptied.