BASIC GAME: Intentions are not used in the basic game. They can be a powerful tool in the hands of experienced players, but playing them right takes a little practice. When playing the basic game, you can ignore the Intentions section of your Team board and the Wheel of Intentions. This also means that the basic game has only one way to score: adding Fragments to the Identity.

Your team has a number of Intentions depicted on your Team board. If you accomplish one of these goals on your turn, you score 1 point after the respective Action or Ability has been resolved. For each Intention accomplished beyond the first during the same turn, you score 2 points. The individual Intentions are fully explained in the Appendix.

Above: Team board's "A" side.

Above: Team board's "B" side.

Points are recorded by moving your team’s counter around the Wheel of Intentions. If you land on or pass one of the marked spaces, you also get a bonus:

Above: Bonus at 2 points - gain 1 Essence. Bonus at 4 points - draw an Emotion card. Bonus at 6 points - flip 1 Ambition token to "available" (if you do not have all 3 available).

If your counter reaches 20 points, this triggers the end of the game. You play out the rest of your turn, and if you accomplish more Intentions, just keep moving the counter around the wheel. (So 1 means 21, for example.) At the end of your turn, it will be time for final scoring.

The game can also end in other ways, as described on the following sections.